Are You Looking To Transition Into Medical Sales?

Medical sales is known as the pinnacle of sales.  The average medical sales rep makes around 150K a year. As a rep you get to work with highly educated
clients and provide life changing products and services.  A few years ago, I was on the outside trying to get into the industry. (Just like many of you who will be reading my blog).  Everyday I get emails and LinkedIn messages asking me how to break into medical sales.  So I’ve created this blog to help anyone break into the industry.  I’ve now worked for three of the top medical device companies and know the tips and tricks needed to land your six-figure career.

I’ve put together some amazing content to help you get into medical device sales.  This download includes: a step-by-step action plan, resume template, cover letter template, follow-up letter template, tips and tricks for networking,  sample interview questions, and much more….  I’ve used this action plan with friends and family.  It has proven over and over again to get people into the industry.  Launch your six-figure career today!  

Medical Sales Personality Assessment Questions

Here is a list of questions from a recent Zoll Medical Assessment Screening

Are you persuasive?

Are you aggressive?

Are you organized?

Do you like to take risks?

Do you like to do things your own way or use the tried and true way?

Why do customers like you?




What Makes A Good Salesman?


HBR-logo-mobile-retinaI recently read this article and couldn’t help but notice how true these facts are.  The top sales representatives in companies I’ve worked for possessed high levels of empathy and ego.  Make sure you note the date in this article.  Even though products and services change, the characteristics needed to sale remain constant.

Harvard Business Review “What Makes a Good Sales Man?”


What Companies Are Hiring?

hiringI would recommend cross referencing companies you’re interested in with current openings.  Check online job postings on sites like Indeed.  Also, check the companies websites for job openings. Usually, you can create an email notification from the company websites to keep you informed on new positions matching your filters.  Also, it’s important to remember that most medical device companies are always hiring if the right person comes along.

How To Start The Process Of A Career Transition

Here is the first of many things you will need to do.  Search for medical device companies and make a list of ones you would like to work for.  You will notice from the company websites that each company generally has many different divisions.  Maybe you have a personal interest in one area… hips, knees, spine, capital equipment, instruments, biologics, ect.  Try to make a list of at least 10 companies you would like to work for. Continue reading “How To Start The Process Of A Career Transition”