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Resumes are one of the most important tools you can use to promote yourself and get noticed.  Combining my career experience and countless conversations with recruiters, I have some great resume advice.  This article will cover your resume layout.

Resume Layout

  • Objective
  • Experience
  • Education
  • References


I used an objective section to get my first medical device sales job.  This section to can be used to let your future employer know what you’re looking for and to give them a quick intro about yourself.


A medical device career is focused on a few core competencies.  These include: exceeding sales percent to quota and awards, creating and maintaining new relationships, paying attention to detail, and demonstrating accountability and reliability.  I would recommend highlighting these competencies in your past career experiences.

An example:

Sales Representative at Company xyz                                     Jan 2010-Present

  • 120% to Quota/Presidents Club
  • Created Key Relationships
  • Maintained Existing Business and Relationships

Obviously, there are many ways to format your resume and each recruiter will suggest a few changes.    With your resume formatted like the example above, you can also use it for talking points throughout interviews.  Be sure to have examples ready that justify your core competencies.  If you don’t have a lot of sales experience, then you will need to highlight other abilities such as creating new relationships, charismatic personality,and overall dedication in previous employment.

An example:

Team Lead at Company xyz                                                      Jan 2010- Present

  • Developed Relationships with Key Clients
  • Voted MVP, Employee of the Month etc…
  • Proven Dedication and Ability to Learn

As mentioned before, be sure to have examples for each bullet point.


Place your education and dates after your experiences.


Available upon request.

I try to format my resume to fit on one page.  I hope this article was helpful.

More questions?  Please post in the comment section.   Here is an article on cover letter writing. 

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